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Andrew Gregg III


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Sessions Office Position District Party
1856       14 Republican
1857       14 Republican
1858       14 Republican
1859       12 Republican
1860       12 Republican
1861       12 Republican


11/30/1799 - 05/13/1869

Colonel Andrew Gregg, III (R14) Centre, Lycoming, Sullivan and Clinton Counties 1856-1858 (R12) Clinton, Lycoming, Centre and Union Counties 1859 (R12) Clinton and Lycoming Counties 1860-1861

Early Life:

Colonel Andrew Gregg, III, born  November 30, 1799, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, son of Andrew Gregg, Jr. and Martha Gregg; colonel; iron master, businessman; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1856-1861; married, Margaret Irvin Gregg, children, Brevet Major General John Irvin Gregg, Lieutenant Andrew Gregg, Lieutenant James Potter Gregg; died, May 13, 1869 (69) Milesburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania; interment, Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 

Early Career: 

Colonel, an Iron Master, co-owner, Hecla Furnace.  

Pennsylvania Politics: 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate 14th district, Centre, Lycoming, Sullivan, Clinton Counties, 1856-1858. 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate 12th district, Centre, Lycoming, Clinton Counties, 1859. 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate 12th district, Clinton and Lycoming Counties, 1860-1861. 


Father, Andrew Gregg, Jr., United States House of Representatives, 1791-1807, United States Senator, President Pro Tempore, Senate, 11th Congress, 1807- 1813; appointed, Pennsylvania Secretary of State, 1816; unsuccessful campaign, Governor of Pennsylvania, 1823. 

Second cousin, Andrew Gregg Curtin, 15th Governor of Pennsylvania. 

Second cousin, James Xavier McLanahan, 14th district, Adams, Cumberland, Franklin Counties, 1842-1843 18th district, Adams and Franklin Counties 1844.

James Xavier McLanahan  - Pennsylvania Senate Library (


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