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William A. Crabb 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1843       1 Whig
1844       1 Whig
1845       1 Whig
1846       1 Whig
1847       1 Whig
1848       1 Whig
1849       1 Whig
1850       1 Whig
1851       1 Whig
1852       1 Whig
1853       1 Whig
1854       1 Whig
1855       1 Whig
1856       1 Whig
1857       1 Whig

COUNTIES: Philadelphia  


1812 - 11/09/1861

William A. Crabb (Whig1) Philadelphia City 1843-1854 Whig Philadelphia (old city) 1855-1857

Early Life:

William A. Crabb, born 1812, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Philadelphia County, 1837-1842; elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1843-1856; married, Sarah F. Todd, daughter, Mary A. Crabb Walton; married the former Sarah F. Todd and had one daughter, Mary A. Crabb Walton; died, invalid, November 9, 1861, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interment, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, , Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Philadelphia County, 1837-1842; elected, January 5, 1841, 66th Speaker of the Pennsylvania House.

Elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1st district, Philadelphia City, 1843-1854; 1st district, Philadelphia (old city), 1855-1857; This legislation, Act 372 of 1848, safeguarded that the property owned by a single woman would remain hers after marriage, that she could acquire additional property while married, and that her property could not be sold without her consent to pay her spouse’s debts. Advocated, repeal, sixth section, “Anti-Kidnapping Act” of 1847, which made it illegal to use local jails to detain suspected fugitive slaves, 1852.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Biography:


Election, Speaker occurred after two early votes which put Ner Middleswarth against Richard Brodhead, and then Ner Middleswarth against Robert Flenniken, which resulted in ties.  A third ballot resulted in Crabb having a majority over Middleswarth by a vote of 53 to 44.