By Common Consent

By Common Consent

Inspired. The Senate Library was inspired to share the Senate's past with all who work in and visit Pennsylvania's Capitol.

Uncovered. Much time and dedicated research has uncovered the Senate's untold and fascinating Institutional history.

Honored. The Senate Library honors the Senate's past and creates a legacy of this Institution through these exhibitions.

BY COMMON CONSENT exhibition continues to focus on the three core goals above.

This timely exhibition, the 243rd anniversary of the Pennsylvania Constitution is September 28, 2019. BY COMMON CONSENT is a phrase used in the original 1776 Pennsylvania Constitution 6 times.

By Common Consent will feature exhibit displays, each celebrating a different aspect of Constitutional democracy in Pennsylvania. Visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to explore the Constitution’s creation in 1776, its evolution over time and how citizens today interact with Pennsylvania’s foundation of democracy.

Senate Resolution Introduction

Note: *The text for the standards are written (with the occasional exception of field-specific language) at the sixth grade level, hence the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Grade 6 are used to support the exhibitions.

Exhibition Team

  • Megan Martin
  • Evelyn Andrews
  • Jess Rodic
  • Sarah Greenwald
  • Donna Wheeler
  • George Soule
  • Amy Gregory
  • Ashley Haldeman

Other Organization and Individuals: Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill, Chloe Mandara & Jon Hopcraft , Senator Phillips-Hill staff; Jonathan Stayer, Supervisor of Reference Services, & Michael D. Sherbon, Associate Archivist, PA State Archives; Helen Mabus, Graphics Illustrator, Senate Democratic Caucus Operations; Madi Wolfe, Photographer, Senate Republican Communications; Jason Tully, Legislative Applications Supervisor, & David Burton, Computer Programmer, LDPC.


  • REFERENCE MANUALS issued by 1968 Constitutional Convention – 9 volume set
  • Pennsylvania Constitutions and the Conventions proceedings
*All treatises available in the Senate Library – 157 Main Capitol Building