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John St. Clair 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1822-1823       19 Democrat
1823-1824       19 Democrat
1824-1825       19 Democrat
1825-1826       19 Democrat

COUNTIES: Fayette  


John St. Clair (D19) Fayette County 1822-1826

Early Life:

John St. Clair, language, mathematics teacher, Union Academy, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania; operator, iron forge, Fairfield Furnace, Fayette County; Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Fayette County, 1811-1814, 49th Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, 1814; appointed, Fayette County prothonotary, 1818-1822; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1822-1826; birth, death, burial locations are unknown.

Pennsylvania Politics: 

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Fayette County, 1811- 1812 session, Pennsylvania’s seat of government was officially relocated, Philadelphia to Harrisburg, 1812, as no formal government building had not yet been constructed for use by the General Assembly. House and Senate met, original Dauphin County Courthouse. Became, 49th Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, Robert Smith resigned, February 14, 1814; much legislation related to the War of 1812; Pike County was created with Act 119 of 1814.  

Appointed, Fayette County prothonotary, April 6, 1818, reappointed, February 12, 1821.  

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 19th district Fayette County, 1822-1826, elected without opposition.

John St. Clair is listed in two places in the Harrisburg Intelligencer list as a Federalist. However, he had previously been consistently listed as a Democrat. Fayette County had a record of Democratic Senators which ran continuously from 1802 through 1850.

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