Member Biography

Thomas P Harney 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1953-1954       19 Republican
1955-1956       19 Republican
1957-1958       19 Republican
1959       19 Republican
1960       19 Republican

COUNTIES: Chester  


1893 - 1960

The son of D.J. and Mary Reynolds Harney, Thomas was born in McMillan Wisconsin, March 17, 1893. He graduated from Marshfield School, attended Beloit College, and the University of Wisconsin. Harney moved to Pennsylvania in 1917, pursuing farming and an auditor’s career; served 18 years as a school director; was president of the Agriculture Extension Board for two years; member county committee A.A.A. and War Board for six years; and chaired the Chester County Soil Conservation District, 1948. He married Susan Groome. Harney was a member of the state House of Representatives, 1948-1952, and the state Senate, 1953-1960. He died seated in the Senate, July 17, 1960.