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William Hamilton 


Note: A portrait of William Hamilton was painted by Jacob Eicholtz, however it is listed as missing by the Smithsonian Institute.

Sessions Office Position District Party
1812-1813       4 Federalist
1813-1814       4 Federalist
1814-1815       4 Federalist

COUNTIES: Lancaster  


1771 - 04/10/1820

Colonel William Hamilton (Federalist4) Lancaster County 1812-1815

Early Life:

Colonel William Hamilton, born 1771, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania, British Colonial America; printers apprentice under Benjamin Franklin Bache; moved, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1794-1795, partnered with Henry Wilcox, published, Lancaster Journal; purchased Wilcox’s share of the business, became sole publisher of the Journal, 1796- sold interest to Huss and Brenner, 1820; unsuccessful campaign, Pennsylvania State Printer, 1799; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1810-1811; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1812-1815; captain, Lancaster Rifle Company, Lancaster War of 1812, marched into Baltimore, September 3, 1814; unsuccessful campaign, Commissioner, Lancaster County, 1816; elected, treasurer of Lancaster County, 1816-1818; unsuccessful campaign, Director of the Poor, Lancaster County, 1820; died, April 10, 1820 (age 49), Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; interment, Saint James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Unsuccessful campaign, Pennsylvania State Printer, Bills and Journals, 1799.

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Lancaster County, 1810-1811.

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 4th district, Lancaster County, 1812-1815.

Unsuccessful campaign, Commissioner, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1816.

Elected, treasurer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1816-1818.

Unsuccessful campaign, Director of the Poor, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1820.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Biography:

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