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Frederick A. Hambright 


Major Frederick Hambright, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, August Koeliner, 1841, Palmer Museum of Art The Pennsylvania State University, partial gift and purchase from John C. O’Conner and Ralph M. Yeager.

Sessions Office Position District Party
1826-1827       7 Federalist
1827-1828       7 Federalist
1828-1829       7 Democrat
1829-1830       7 Democrat

COUNTIES: Lancaster  


11/22/1786 - 03/17/1872

Major General Frederick A. Hambright (Federalist7) Lancaster County, 1826-1828 (D7) Lancaster County, 1828-1830 

Early Life:

Major General Frederick A. Hambright, born November 22, 1786, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; son of John and Susanna Hambright; member, Lancaster Phalanx, 1810; Fourth Corporal, Lancaster Phalanx, 1813, Elkton, Maryland, War of 1812; deployed to Baltimore, promoted to Ensign, 1814; promoted Captain, 1815- company disbanded, 1838; elected, Captain, Lancasters Jackson Riflemen, 1839; commanded regiment, Camp Wayne, 1840-1841; brigade, Commander, Camp Lafayette, 1841-1846; Major General, 4th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, 1842; unsuccessful campaign, sheriff, Lancaster County, 1818; elected, sheriff, Lancaster County, 1821-1824; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senator, 1826-1828; elected, Democrat, 1828-1830; appointed, collector of tolls Philadelphia and Columbia Railroads, part of Pennsylvania Railroad system, 1832; unsuccessful campaign, Mayor, Lancaster, 1852; moved, Indianapolis Indiana then Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, 1853; married, Elizabeth Shaeffer, children, Frederick, Charlotte E. Hambright Kennedy, General Henry Augustus Hambright, Charles William Hambright, Mary E. Hambright Inghram; died, March 17, 1872; Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 

Early Career:

During the War of 1812 the Pennsylvania Militia formed the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade under Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Schappell.  Frederick's brother, George was named Captain, Frederick was an Ensign in his brother's regiment. William Hambright, also a brother, was a Sergeant in the same regiment.  In 1814 when Baltimore was threatened with destruction and pillage by the British. The regiment under the command of his brother George, along with other regiments, was dispatched to defend Baltimore and Fort McHenry.  The Patriots were successful in defending both Baltimore and Fort McHenry and the British abandoned their attack.  The resistance displayed at Baltimore's Fort McHenry inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem which later became our National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner.  Following the battle, the Pennsylvania militia returned to their homes.  In 1815 Frederick was named a Captain and over the years was elected Major of a battalion, composed of volunteer companies of Lancaster.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Unsuccessful campaign, sheriff, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1818

Elected, sheriff, Lancaster County, 1821-1824. 

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senator, 7th district, Lancaster County, 1826-1828.  

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senator, 7th district, Lancaster County, 1828-1830. 

Appointed, collector of tolls, Philadelphia and Columbia Railroads, part of Pennsylvania Railroad system, 1832. 

Unsuccessful campaign, Mayor, Lancaster, defeated, Christian Kieffer, 1852. 


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