Member Biography

Jacob Stoever 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1830-1831       8 Democrat
1831-1832       8 Democrat
1832-1833       8 Democrat
1833-1834       8 Democrat

COUNTIES: Lebanon, Dauphin  


07/10/1787 - 12/04/1862

Jacob Stoever (D8) Dauphin and Lebanon Counties 1830-1834

Early Life:

Jacob Stoever born July 10, 1787, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania; son of Frederic Stover and Anna Margaretha Daenschaertz Stoever; received little formal education; engaged, printer apprentice, Harrisburg; published, Der Libanoner Morgenstern, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1807-1837; married, Mary Polly Schott Stoever, 1810, (d.1825) children, Elias Stoever Staver, Charles Franklin Stoever, George Washington Stoever, Frederick I Stoever, Penelope Stoever Shaffner, Anna Maria Stoever Miesse, Jacob Stoever, Catharine Stoever Zimmerman, William Henry Stoever, Jacob Cyrus Stoever, Frederick Ludwig Stoever, married, Sarah A Schaffner Stoever, son, Henry Washington Shulze Stoever; elected, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1830-1834; commissioned justice of the peace, Lebanon County, 1835; died, December 4, 1862, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania; interment, Kimmerlings Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Early Career:

Purchased, printed German language paper, Der Freymuethige Libanoner, changed its title-name to Der Libanoner Morgenstern, 1807; sold the journal to Samuel Miller, 1837.

Pennsylvania Politics:      

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 8th district, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, 1830-1834.

Commissioned justice of the peace, Lebanon County, 1835


Grandson, Reverend John Caspar Stoever, first ordained German Lutheran Minister in America, 1733.