Member Biography

William G. Stinson 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1993       2 Democrat
1994       2 Democrat

COUNTIES: Philadelphia  


1945 -

William G. Stinson (D2) Philadelphia (Part) County 1993-1994 

Pennsylvania Politics:

Deputy, Philadelphia Mayor, Edward Gene Rendell, 1992-1993 

Elected, Democrat, 2nd district, Philadelphia (Part) County, Special Election, vacancy, death, Francis J. Lynch, seated, November 18, 1993, removed from office, February 18, 1994; united States Federal District Court Judge, Clarence Newcomer declared Bruce Marks winner of the election, finding election fraud. 

Decision shifted control, Pennsylvania State Senate, Republicans; Bruce Marks, seated, April 28, 1994. 


Cox, Harold (2004). "Pennsylvania Senate – 1993–1994" (PDF). Wilkes University Election Statistics Project. Wilkes University.