Member Biography

Marshall Lee Phipps 


Portrait and Bio: Venango County Pennsylvania, Her Pioneers and People, JH Beers, , 1919,  Charles Almanzo Babcock


Sessions Office Position District Party
1915-1916       48 Republican
1917-1918       48 Republican
1919-1920       48 Republican
1921-1922       48 Republican
1923-1924       48 Republican
1925-1926       48 Republican

COUNTIES: Venango, Warren  


1866 - 1936

Marshall Lee Phipps was born March 4, 1866, at Polk, Venango Co., PA, the son of Major Robert Johnson Phipps and Harriet Agnes Cross.  He was educated in public schools, Clintonville Academy, and Lafayette College, Easton, PA, where he graduated with an A.B. in 1888.  He later received a master's degree.  Phipps studied law in Franklin and was admitted to the bar in 1892, later admitted to the Supreme and Superior courts. His legal career coincided with his pursuit of the oil business, operations and production in Venango and Lawrence Counties.  He served as Venango deputy-prothonotary in Franklin for six years, advancing to prothonotary for another term.  In 1914, he was elected to the state Senate, serving three terms through 1926; appointed trustee of the State Institution for Feeble Minded at Polk, Venango County; was a prominent member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, retiring as a major, having served as aide de camp to Major Generals Wiley and Miller. Phipps was a one-term chair of the Republican County Committee, and he was secretary of the body for ten years.   Phipps married Bell Campbell in 1901.  He died on December 28, 1936.