Member Biography

James Holdsworth Paul 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1835-1836       3 Anti-Mason
1836-1837       3 Democrat
1837-1838       3 Whig
1838-1839       3 Whig


James Holdsworth Paul (Anti-Masonic3) Montgomery County 1835-1836 (D3) Montgomery County 1836-1837 (Whig3) Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties 1837-1839.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Anti-Masonic, Pennsylvania State Senate, 3rd district, Montgomery County, 1835-1836; Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 3rd district, Montgomery County, 1836-1837. 

Elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 3rd district, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, 1837-1839. Important to note, the Senate was initially organized by the Whigs who recognized the disputed election of Whigs James Hanna and William Wagner. This was reversed following the end of the Buckshot War with the seating of Democrats Samuel Stevenson and Michael Snyder. The Whigs regained one seat when Democrat Thomas Bell (Chester) was replaced by Nathaniel Brooke, a Whig.


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So far this is the only known accurate information.