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Nathaniel Newlin Jr.


Library Company of Philadelphia

Sessions Office Position District Party
1794-1795       1 Federalist
1795-1796       1 Federalist
1796-1797       1 Federalist
1797-1798       1 Federalist
1798-1799       1 Federalist
1799-1800       1 Federalist

COUNTIES: Delaware, Philadelphia  


1733 - 09/23/1823

Nathaniel Newlin, Jr. (Federalist1) Philadelphia City, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties 1794-1800

Early Life:

Nathaniel Newlin, Jr., born 1733, Brandywine, Concord Township, Chester, Province of Pennsylvania, British Colonial America; son of Nathaniel Sr., and Esther Midkiff/Metcalf Newlin; married, Martha Parker; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1794-1800; died, September 19, 1823; Burial location unknown.

Pennsylvania Politics: 

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1st district, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties, 1794-1800.


Father, Nathaniel Newlin’s father’s mill. Milled grain for General George Washington’s troops, American Revolution. Pictured. 


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