Member Biography

John Carl Miller 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1955-1956       47 Democrat
1957-1958       47 Democrat
1959       47 Democrat
1960       47 Democrat
1961       47 Democrat
1962       47 Democrat
1963       47 Democrat
1964       47 Democrat

COUNTIES: Beaver, Lawrence  


1921 -

Of Aliquippa, born, January 27, 1921, Beaver County, the son of Dr. and Mrs. John L. Miller; US Army Air Corps, four years, WWII; employed ten years with Jones and Laughlin Steel, Aliquippa; sales representative; state House of Representatives, 1950-51; state Senate, 1953-1964; married Mildred Jeffrey of Lawrence County; active in police, fire, union, Grange, and Veteran affairs. Member of the Republican House 1952; 1954, switched to Democrat in the Senate; son of notable Beaver County Dr. John Lada Miller.