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Kennedy L Blood 


Image: Courtesy, Jefferson County Historical Society


Sessions Office Position District Party
1859       28 Democrat
1861       28 Democrat


1824 - 1895

Of Brookville, Jefferson County; Kennedy Blood was born in Hagerstown Md., February 16, 1824, the son of Cyrus and Jane (McNulty) Blood.  His father was a mathematics teacher at 17, Chambersburg Academy; principal at Hagerstown Academy; moved to Forest (then Jefferson) County in 1830, acquiring several thousand acres of timber land.  He served as an Associate Judge and county surveyor in Forest, and later county commissioner in Jefferson.  Kennedy received no formal education but was tutored by his father; became Deputy Sheriff in 1846; unsuccessful bid for Sheriff, 1848; studied medicine under Dr. James Dowling, and practiced with Dr. C.P. Cummins.  He opened a pharmacy with Dr. Cummins, who sold his interest, Blood remaining sole proprietor until 1874.  Kennedy pursued the lumber business; was elected to a three-year term to the state Senate; was a delegate to the 1860 Democratic National Convention; county commissioner, 1881-1884; Brookville postmaster, 1853-1856; and emerged as a significant power in the state Democratic Party.  He married Rebecca Corbett Armstrong.    Senator Blood passed away on December 10, 1895, interred in Brookville Borough “New” Cemetery.