Member Biography

Charles Biddle 




Sessions Office Position District Party
1810-1811         Federalist
1811-1812         Federalist
1812-1813         Federalist
1813-1814         Federalist

COUNTIES: Philadelphia  


12/24/1745 - 04/18/1821

Charles Biddle (Federalist no district number) Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County 1810-1814

Early Life:

Charles Biddle, born December 24, 1745, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, British Colonial America; son of William and Mary Scull Biddle, mariner merchant’s apprentice, 1759, Beaufort, North Carolina; merchant captain from 1762-1778; served, Revolution; married, Hannah Shepard, 1778, children, Mary Biddle, Nicholas Biddle (died in infancy), William Shepard Biddle, James Biddle, Edward Biddle, Nicholas Biddle, Charles Biddle Jr., Thomas Biddle, John Biddle, Richard Biddle; removed, Reading, Pennsylvania, 1780; continued military service; elected, Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council, 1784; vice president, Pennsylvania Supreme Council, 1785-1787; secretary, Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council, 1787-1791; prothonotary, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, 1791-1809, elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1810-1814; founder, Pennsylvania Academy, Fine Arts, 1805; charter member, Society of Cincinnati, 1783; treasurer, Society of Cincinnati, 1811; director, Bank of Philadelphia, 1793-1821; died, April 4, 1821; interment, Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. 

Early Life:
Joined, Captain Joseph Cowperthwait's Pennsylvania Militia Company, Quaker Light Infantry; Served, under his brother, Commodore Nicholas Biddle, aboard the USS Randolph. USS Randolph, 32-gun frigate, Continental Navy; named Founding Father Peyton Randolph, president, First Continental Congress.

Professional titles; business ownership; board memberships; local government; club memberships:

Ex officio trustee, University of the State of Pennsylvania (now, University of Pennsylvania) during his term, Vice-President of Pennsylvania's Supreme Executive Council; founder, Pennsylvania Academy, Fine Arts, 1805; charter member, Society of Cincinnati, 1783; treasurer, Society of Cincinnati, 1811; Director, Bank of Philadelphia, 1793-1821.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council, 1784.

Vice-President, Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, (equivalent, Lieutenant-Governor) under Presidents John Dickerson, Benjamin Franklin, 1784-1785.

Secretary, Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council, 1787-1791.

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, 1810-1814.


Son, President, Second United States Bank, Pennsylvania State Senator Nicholas Biddle, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, 1814-1817.

Son, James Biddle, Commodore, United States Navy

Son, Edward Biddle, Midshipman, United States Navy. Buried At Sea.

Son, Thomas Biddle, Major, United States Army; War of 1812 hero who died after a duel with a Missouri Congressman over a perceived insult to his brother Nicholas.

Son, John Biddle, Major, United States Army, Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, 1827-1828.

Son, Richard Biddle, Pennsylvania Congressman, United States House of Representatives, 1837-1840.