Member Biography

Walter Copake Livingston 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1831-1832       12 Democrat
1832-1833       12 Democrat


01/26/1799 - 01/28/1872

Walter Copake Livingston (D12) Lehigh, Northampton, Pike and Wayne Counties 1831-1833

Early Life:

Walter Copake Livingston, born January 26, 1799, Livingston, Columbia, New York; son of Henry W. and Mary Masters Allen Livingston; Litchfield Law School, 1820; married, cousin, Mary Livingston Greenleaf, 1824, children, Anne Greenleaf Livingston, Tilghman Livingston, James Livingston, Walter Livingston, Henry Walter Livingston, Meta Livingston, Marion Livingston, Florence Livingston; merchant; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1831-1833; United States Consul to Marseilles, France; died, January 28, 1872 (aged 72 years), Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Burial location unknown.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 12th district, Lehigh, Northampton, Pike and Wayne Counties, 1831-1833.

Continued Government Service/National Politics:

United States Consul to Marseilles, France. 


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