Member Biography

Solomon G Krepps 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1831-1832       19 Democrat

COUNTIES: Fayette  


1793 - 1833

Solomon Gillespie Krepps was the son of John Krepps and Mary Gillespie, born at Krepps’ Knob, Fayette County on January 27, 1793.  Solomon, as did others in the family, helped his father with a ferry business across the Monongahela at Bridgeport.  He is later noted as a merchant in the town, and a copartner in the Friendship Paper Mill.  Krepps served as Bridgeport burgess; a member of the borough council on a number of occasions; and state senator for one term, 1830-1833.  He married Bryd Cully.  The senator died in office of cholera, July 14, 1833, interred at Bridgeport, Fayette County.

* Mary Gillespie was a relative of oft-times US Presidential candidate and native Pennsylvanian, James Gillespie Blaine, “the plumed knight from Maine.”