Member Biography

James Reeves Kelley 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1974       39 Democrat
1975       39 Democrat
1976       39 Democrat
1977       39 Democrat
1978       39 Democrat
1979       39 Democrat
1980       39 Democrat
1981       39 Democrat
1982       39 Democrat
1983       39 Democrat
1984       39 Democrat
1985       39 Democrat
1986       39 Democrat
1987       39 Democrat
1988       39 Democrat

COUNTIES: Westmoreland, Indiana  


Judge James Reeves Kelley (D39) Westmoreland (Part) County 1974-1982 (D39) Indiana (Part) and Westmoreland (Part) Counties 1983-1988

Early Life:

Judge James Reeves Kelley; son of Augustine B. and Ella Marie Kelley; Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, B.A.; Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, Washington, District of Columbia, LL.B.; elected, County Commissioner, Westmoreland County, 1968-1974; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1974-1988; appointed, judge, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, 1990, elected, 1991-2001; married, Patricia A. Phillips, six children.

Early Life:

Admitted to practice before, United States Supreme Court, courts, District of Columbia, all federal, Pennsylvania courts; member, of the American, Pennsylvania and Westmoreland Bar Associations,

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, County Commissioner, Westmoreland County, 1968-1974.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, Special Election, 39th district, Westmoreland (Part) County, John Scales resigned, February 4, 1974, seated, June 17, 1974-1982; Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 39th district, Indiana (Part) and Westmoreland (Part) Counties, 1983-1988.

Appointed, judge, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, 1990, unexpired term of Judge Francis A. Barry.

Elected, judge, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, 1991, full term beginning January 1992; subsequently served a second 10-year term; upon reaching age 70, appointed, senior judge, Commonwealth Court.

Senior Judge, Westmoreland County, 2007.


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