Member Biography

Jacob Herrington 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1821-1822       20 Democrat
1823-1824       23 Democrat


1784 - 1841

Son of James and Ann (Clayton) of Baltimore County, Maryland, Jacob Herrington was born February 6, 1784.  His parents moved to Meadville, Crawford County, where Jacob pursued the printing business, moving near Sharon, Mercer County in 1811, publishing the (Democratic) Western Press and printing small commercial jobs.  He was elected to the state House of Representatives, 1813-1816; 1818; 1820; 1834; served in the state Senate, 1821-1825; secured state assistance in the General Assembly to finance the Mercer and Meadville, and Butler and Mercer Turnpikes; successful general store operator; eastern cattle herder; and innkeeper.  He married Clarissa Spencer of Trumball Co., Ohio in 1814.  Jacob moved to Geneva, Kane County, Illinois about 1838.  He died there on February 26, 1841, survived by his wife.