Member Biography

Robert Montgomery Frick 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1849       14 Whig
1850       14 Whig
1851       8 Whig


12/25/1820 - 08/19/1898

Robert Montgomery Frick (Whig14) Dauphin and Northumberland Counties 1849-1850 (Whig8) Dauphin and Northumberland Counties 1851

Early Life:

Robert Montgomery Frick, born December 25, 1820; son of Henry and Catherine Frick; common school education; apprenticed, fathers’ newspaper, Milton Miltonian, managing editor, 1843-1852; elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1848-1851; merchant and later cashier, Milton National Bank, 1858-1898; treasurer, Milton School Board, 1858-1898; secretary, treasurer, Milton Cemetery Company, 1848-1898; died, August 19, 1898. Burial location unknown.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 14th district, Dauphin and Northumberland Counties, 1849-1850.

Elected, Whig, Pennsylvania State Senate, 8th district, Dauphin and Northumberland Counties, 1851.


Father, General, United States Congressman Henry Frick.

Brother-in-law and cousin of Judge John Montgomery, Northumberland County.

One of two voters in Milton Pennsylvania, who cast their vote for first Republican candidate, John C. Freemont, President United States, 1856.


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