Member Biography

Charles Fraser 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1816-1817       9 Democrat
1817-1818       9 Democrat
1818-1819       9 Democrat
1819-1820       9 Democrat


1778 - 02/04/1834

Doctor Charles Fraser (D9) Columbia, Luzerne, Northumberland, Susquehanna, Union Counties 1816-1820 

Doctor Charles Fraser, born circa 1778; married, Mary Lord Fraser, 1809, children, Philip Fraser, Franklin Fraser, Ann L. Fraser; appointee gubernatorial, prothonotary, clerk of the courts, register, recorder, Susquehanna County, 1812-1816; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1816-1820; died, February 4, 1834, Pennsylvania. No information about, birth, parents or death is currently available. 

Pennsylvania Politics:

Appointee gubernatorial, Governor Simon Snyder, prothonotary, clerk of the courts, register, recorder, Susquehanna County, 1812-1816.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 9th district, Columbia, Luzerne, Northumberland, Susquehanna, Union Counties, 1816-1820.


Son, Philip Fraser, Mayor of Jacksonville, 1855-1856; District Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of Florida, 1862-1876.

Son, Florida Supreme Court Justice Franklin Fraser, 1873-1874.


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