Member Biography

William F. Coplan 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1838-1839       18 Democrat
1840       18 Democrat
1841       18 Democrat
1842       18 Democrat

COUNTIES: Fayette, Greene  


1795 -

William F. Coplan (D18) Fayette and Greene Counties 1838-1842

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1831-1832.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1836-1838.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 18th district, Fayette and Greene Counties, 1838-1842.

Following an act of legislature from the Pennsylvania General Assembly on April 4, 1831, would be named one of the two commissioners, Cumberland Road which would become the Pennsylvania stretch of the National Road.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Biography:

Not currently available.


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Burial location unknown.

So far this is the only known accurate information.