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Redmond Conyngham Sr.

Sessions Office Position District Party
1820-1821       9 Federalist
1821-1822       9 Federalist
1822-1823       10 Democrat
1823-1824       10 Democrat


09/13/1781 - 06/16/1846

Redmond Conyngham Sr., (Federalist9) Columbia, Luzerne, Northumberland, Susquehanna and Union Counties 1820-1822 (D10) Luzerne and Northumberland Counties 1822-1824

Early Life:

Redmond Conyngham Sr., born September 13, 1781, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; College at Princeton, New Jersey; engaged, printing, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1815-1816; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1820-1822; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1822-1824; married, Elizabeth Conyngham, children, David Hayfield Conyngham, Jasper Yeates Conyngham, Redmond Conyngham, Jr., Sarah Yeates Conyngham; Mary West Conyngham; died, June 16, 1846 (aged 64), interment, All Saints Episcopal Cemetery, Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania Politics: 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1815-1816.

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 9th district, Columbia, Luzerne, Northumberland, Susquehanna and Union Counties, 1820-1822. 

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 10th district, Luzerne and Northumberland Counties, 1822-1824.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Biography:

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Wife, Elizabeth Yeates, daughter, Supreme Court Judge Jaspar Yeates.   


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Biographical information available in Appleton Encyclopedia; also: Book of Prominent Pennsylvanians (Pittsburgh: Leader Publishing, Incorporated); Note: Portrait of Conyngham by Jacob Eichholtz existed into the twentieth century; unfortunately, its location is no longer known, if it exists at all.

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