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Samuel Jackson Randall 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1857       1 Democrat
1858       1 Democrat
1859       1 Democrat

COUNTIES: Philadelphia  


10/10/1828 - 04/13/1890

Captain Samuel Jackson Randall (D1) Philadelphia County 1858-1859 

Early Life:

Captain Samuel Jackson Randall, born October 10, 1828, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; son of Josiah and Ann Worrell Randall; common schools educated; University Academy of Philadelphia; accountant’s apprentice;  engaged, mercantile business; Whig, City of Philadelphia Common Council, 1852-1855; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate 1858-1859; First City Troop of Philadelphia, 1861, Captain, promoted provost marshal at Gettysburg, Civil War, 1863; United States House of Representatives, Congresses 38th-51st, 1863-1890; married, Fannie Agnes Ward, 1867, three children: Ann, Susan, and Samuel Josiah; died, colon cancer, April 13, 1890, Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia; Interment, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.   

 Early Career:

Only in office United States House of Representatives for a few months when the safety of Pennsylvania was threatened by the invasion of Confederate forces under General Robert E. Lee during the June-July 1863 Gettysburg Campaign. As Captain and commander of the famed 1st Philadelphia City Troop militia company, he assumed active command of the unit in the field when it was federalized for service in the Union Army in June 1863. Briefly serving as Provost Marshal of Gettysburg before the battle took place, he rendered invaluable service when he directed the defense of the river bridge in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, eventually burning it to stop Confederate forces from crossing it. During the actual battle he was serving as Provost Marshal of Columbia, Pennsylvania. When the threat of invasion subsided after the rebel defeat at Gettysburg, he was mustered out of active service in August 1863, and resumed his Congressional seat.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Whig, City of Philadelphia Common Council, 1852-1855.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate 1st district, Philadelphia County, 1858-1859. 

Continued Government Service/National Politics: 

Elected, Democrat, United States House of Representatives, 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania, 38th (1863–1865), 39th (1865–1867), 40th (1867–1869), 41st (1869–1871) Democratic Caucus Chair - 41st, 42nd (1871–1873), 43rd (1873–1875).

Elected, Democrat, United States House of Representatives, 3rd Congressional District of Pennsylvania, 44th (1875–1877), 45th (1877–1879), 46th (1879–1881) Speaker of the House - 44th, 45th, 46th Congresses, 47th (1881–1883), 48th (1883–1885), 49th (1885–1887), 50th (1887–1889), 51st (1889–1891).  


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Congressional Biography

After 3 session(s) serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Samuel Jackson Randall  went on to serve in congress