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Condy Raguet 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1818-1819       1 Federalist
1819-1820       1 Federalist
1820-1821       1 Federalist
1821-1822       1 Federalist


01/28/1784 - 03/22/1842

Condy Raguet (Federalist1) Philadelphia City and Philadelphia County 1818-1822

Early Life:

Condy Raguet, born January 28, 1784, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; University of Pennsylvania; merchant’s accountant; sailed, Santo Domingo, 1804; colonel, participating, commanding, defense of Philadelphia, War of 1812; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1814-1815; elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1818-1822; admitted, bar, 1820; elected, American Philosophical Society, 1822; appointed, United States consul, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1822-1825;  appointed, first chargé d'affaires, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1825-1827; Saint Mary's College, Baltimore, LL.D., 1839; married, Catherine S. Simmons; died, March 22, 1842 (aged 58), Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interment, Hood Cemetery, Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.


Raguet, Condy. A Circumstantial Account of the Massacre in St. Domingo (1804). 

Edited, Raguet, Condy. The Free-Trade Advocate (2 volumes, 1829). 

Edited, Raguet, Condy. The Examiner (2 volumes, 1834-1835).  

Edited, Raguet, Condy. The Financial Register (2 volumes, 1837-1839). 

Raguet, Condy. An Inquiry into the Causes of the Present State of the Circulating Medium of the United States (1815). 

Raguet, Condy. The Principles of Free Trade (1835). 

Raguet, Condy. (treatise) On Currency and Banking (1839), republished, London (1839) translated into French, (1840).

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1814-1815.

Elected, Federalist, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1st district, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, 1818-1822.

Continued Government Service/National Politics:

Appointed, President James Monroe, United States consul, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1822-1825, appointed, President John Quincy Adams, first chargé d'affaires, 1825-1827.  

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives Biography:

Not currently available. 


Founder, first savings bank in America, Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, 1816-1992. 


Cox, Harold. "Senate Members "R""Wilkes University Election Statistics Project. Wilkes University. 

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