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James Charles Greenwood 


Congressional Biographies/ The Pennsylvania Manual, 1989-1990

Sessions Office Position District Party
1987       10 Republican
1988       10 Republican
1989       10 Republican
1990       10 Republican
1991       10 Republican
1992       10 Republican



05/04/1951 -

James Charles Greenwood (R10) Bucks (Part) County 1987-1993

Early Life:

James Charles Greenwood, born May 4, 1951, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; son of James and Alice Greenwood; Council Rock High School, 1969; Dickinson College, B.A., 1973; legislative assistant, Republican Caucus, Pennsylvania State Representative John S. Renninger, 1972-1976; head house parent, The Woods School, 1974-1976; campaign coordinator, Renninger for Congress, 1976; caseworker, Bucks County Children and Youth Social Service Agency, 1977-1980; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1980-1986; not a candidate for reelection, 1986; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1987- resigned, January 5, 1993; not a candidate for reelection, 1992; elected, United States Congress, 1993-2005; not a candidate for reelection, 2004; President, chief executive officer, Biotechnology Industry Organization, 2005-2020; married, Christina Paugh, children, Rob, Laura, Katie. 


United States Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award, 1993; Waste Taxpayer Hero-1993; Citizens for a Sound Economy, Jefferson Award, 1993-1994; Watchdogs of the Treasury, Golden Bulldog Award, 1993-1994; 60/Plus, Benjamin Franklin Award, 1994; Citizens Against Government Waste, Grace Caucus Award-1994; American Security Council, National Security Leadership Award, 1994; National Federation of Independent Business, Guardian of Small Business Award, 1994; Free Congress Foundation, Sound Dollar Award, 1994; United States Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award, 1995; National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Distinguished Public Service Award, 1996; Citizens for a Sound Economy, Jefferson Award, 1997-1998; Watchdogs of the Treasury, Golden Bulldog Award, 1997-1998; National Federation of Independent Business, Guardian of Small Business Award, 1998; United States Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award, 1998; Hospital and Heath Care Association of Pennsylvania, 1998; 60/Plus, Benjamin Franklin Award, 1998; Ripon Society, Rough Riders Award, 1998; Pennsylvania Wildlife Federation Legislator of the Year Award, 1998; TR Fund Environmental Achievement Award, 1998; Family Planning Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Recognition Award-25th Anniversary, 1998; Family Planning Advocate’s Margaret Sanger Award, 1998; American Academy of Pediatrics, Excellence in Public Service Award, 1998; BIO Legislator of the Year, 1998; Audubon Council of Pennsylvania, Conservation Award, 1999; AIDS Policy Center for Children Youth and Families, Public Policy Award, 1999; United States Oncology, Medal of Honor Award, War on Cancer, 1999; American Cancer Society, Public Policy Leadership Award, 1999; Friends of the National Parks Award, 2001; Friend of the Farm Bureau Award, 2001.   

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 143rd district, 1980-1986; appointed, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Authority, 1981-1986; appointed, Select Committee to Investigate Limerick II, 1984; appointed, Select Committee to Study the Availability of and Need for Services to Handicapped Persons 21 Years of Age or Older, 1985-1986; appointed, Select Committee to Investigate the Problem of Teenage Pregnancies and Parenting in Pennsylvania, 1986; not a candidate for reelection, 1986.

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 10th district, Bucks (Part) County, 1987-1993; appointed, Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee, 1987-1992; appointed, board, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) (1991-1992); resigned, January 5, 1993; vacancy, elected, Pennsylvania House of Representatives David Heckler, seated, November 22, 1993. 

Continued Government Service/National Politics:

Elected, United States Congress, 103rd – 108th Congresses, 1993 – 2005; member, Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Subcommittee on Health, Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials; member, Education and the Workforce Committee, Subcommittee on Education Reform, Subcommittee on Select Education; not a candidate for reelection, Congress, 2004. 

Congressional Memberships, Speaker's Group on Medicare/Prescription Drug Coverage (106th Congress, 2nd), Bipartisan Working Group on Youth Violence (106th Congress), Congressional Caucus on India and Indian American, Co-Chairman (106th Congress), Member of the Communications Working Group, under the Republican Conference, Chair J.C. Watts (106th Congress), Chairman of the Commerce Committee's FDA Reform Working Group; Congressional Oceans Caucus, Founder and Co-chair; Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus; House Republican Israel Caucus; House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus; Northeast Agriculture Caucus; Coalition for Autism Research and Education; Congressional Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children; Congressional Steel Caucus; Congressional Coalition on Adoption; Congressional Fire Services Caucus; Congressional Older Americans; Caucus Congressional Human Rights Caucus; Congressional Children's Working Group; Congressional Coastal Caucus; Congressional Friends of Animals; Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus; Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus; Medical Technology Caucus; United States - Philippines Friendship Caucus; Public Broadcasting Caucus; Congressional Caucus of Armenian Issues; Congressional Cuban Working Group; Historical Preservation Caucus; Congressional Organic Caucus; North East - Mid West Coalition; Congressional Waterways Caucus; Congressional Public Service Caucus; Manufacturing Caucus; Congressional Bi-Partisan Pro-choice Caucus; Congressional Working Group on International Women's Rights; Sex and Violence in the Media Caucus; Biotech Caucus; Qatari-American Economic Strategic Defense, Cultural and Education Partnership Caucus; House Impact Aid Coalition; House Republican Entertainment Industry Task Force; Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, co-chair.

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Congressional Biography

After 6 session(s) serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, James Charles Greenwood  went on to serve in congress