Member Biography

Daniel Philip Gerberich 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1905-1906       17 Republican
1907-1908       17 Republican
1909-1910       17 Republican
1911-1912       17 Republican
1913-1914     President Pro Tempore 17 Republican
1915-1916       17 Republican

COUNTIES: Lancaster, Lebanon  


10/01/1854 - 11/29/1917

Doctor Daniel Philip Gerberich (R17) Lebanon County 1905-1906 (R17) Lancaster (Part) and Lebanon Counties 1907-1916

Early Life:

Doctor Daniel Philip Gerberich born October 1, 1854, Union Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania; son of Daniel Uhrich and Catherine Boeshore Gerberich; primary education, Walmer’s Church school; Palatinate (Albright) College, Myerstown, 1877; teacher, Swopes Valley, Schuylkill County; Hahnemann Medical College, 1881; doctor, Myerstown; married, Sue L. Hinterleiter, 1885, son, Doctor Guy Asher Gerberich; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1905-1916, president pro tempore, 1913; delegate, State Republican Convention; died, Thanksgiving, November 29, 1917, (aged 63) noon, valvular heart trouble, home, 136 North Ninth Street, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania; interment, Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. 

Professional titles; business ownership; board memberships; local government; club memberships:

Member, advisory board, Hahnemann; member, advisory board, Pennsylvania Health Department; member, State Health Commission, Pennsylvania Medical Society, American Medical Association; past-master Mason, member, Mystic Shrine; member, Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.  

Pennsylvania Politics 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate 17th district, Lebanon County, 1905-1906.

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate 17th district, Lancaster (Part) and Lebanon Counties 1907-1916, presidents pro tempore, 1913; president pro tem session, 1913, Workmen’s Compensation Act, state Uniform Election Bill (registration, United States Senator, ballot, and voting machine), adoption, 17th Amendment, state Equal Accommodation Civil Rights Bill, organization of the Public Service Commission, Teacher’s Tenure Bill; additionally, cosponsored the death penalty bill, establishment of the Legislative Reference Bureau; formation, State Commerce Commission. Ex-officio all committees; chaired, Buildings and Public Grounds Committee, 1905-1906chairman, Health and Public Sanitation Committee, 1905-1912, 1915-1916, other committee assignments, Insurance, Legislative Apportionment, Judicial Apportionment, Judiciary Special. 


While vacationing at Yellowstone National Park in 1915, fell ill and never recovered. 


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