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James Gamble 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1802-1803       1 Democratic-Republican
1803-1804       1 Democratic-Republican

COUNTIES: Delaware, Philadelphia  


1753 - 09/10/1813

Captain James Gamble (Democratic-Republican1) Philadelphia City, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties 1802-1804

Early Life:  

Captain James Gamble, born 1753, Ireland; arrived, Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania, British Colonial America, 1775, leaving his family behind with the promise that he would return; Outbreak, Revolution, thwarted his plan, entered military service against the Crown; volunteer private, emerged, Regimental Quartermaster; Deputy Commissary, New York; Ensign, 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery, 6th, 7th, Pennsylvania Regiments, 1776-1781; Canada Campaign, Trois Rivieres, Fort Ticonderoga, Garrison Duty, New Jersey Campaign, 1777; Brandywine, Paoli, Germantown, Valley Forge Encampment, Monmouth, Middlebrook Encampment, Morristown Encampment, 1779; New Jersey Summer Campaign; New Bridge, Paramus, New Jersey; Blockhouse-Bergen Heights; West Point Reinforcement; Morristown Encampment, 1780; Second Lieutenant, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Artillery, retired, Captain, 1783; returned to Ireland late that year; collected his family and returned to America, settling temporarily in Lancaster, 1784; moved, family, Cedar Ward, Philadelphia, 1788, established merchandising shop, Lombard Street, Philadelphia; embarked, two-year campaign, collect his back pay as commissary, appeals brought him before Robert Morris, General Washington, Congress, Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council, successful,  1793-1795; owned, property on Spruce Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets, rented to James and Dolly Madison, while the future President attended Congress, 1794-1795; elected, Democratic-Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1801-1802; elected, Democratic-Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1802 resigned -1804; administrative appointment, Governor McKean, Commonwealth Auctioneer, 1804; died September 10, 1813, at home. No burial information.  

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Democratic-Republican, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, Philadelphia City, 1801-1802. 

Elected, Democratic-Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1st district, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties, 1802 -1804; vacated his seat between sessions by accepting an appointment, Governor; replaced by John Dorsey.   

Administrative appointment, Governor Thomas McKean, Commonwealth Auctioneer, 1804.

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives Biography:

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