Member Biography

J. (John) Fred Thomas 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1939-1940       50 Republican
1941-1942       50 Republican
1943-1944       50 Republican
1945-1946       50 Republican

COUNTIES: Mercer, Crawford  


04/16/1882 - 11/18/1959

J. (John) Fred Thomas (R50) Crawford and Mercer Counties 1939-1946

J. (John) Fred Thomas, born April 16, 1882, Brookfield Township, Trumbull County, Ohio; son of Evan T. and Martha Maria Jones Thomas; Sharon High School; Ohio State University, E.M., 1909; Notary Public, Farrell, Mercer County, 1913-1917; surveyor, municipal engineer, city councilman, Sharon, Pennsylvania; Mayor of Sharon, 1933-1937; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1939-1946; chief clerk, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1953; married, Jessie Olive Kelso Thomas; died, November 18, 1959 (aged 77) Sharon, Mercer County, Pennsylvania; interment Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield, Trumbull County, Ohio. 

Early Career: 

Surveyor, borough municipal engineer, Farrell, Sharpsville, Wheatland, West Middlesex.

Professional titles; business ownership; board memberships; local government; club memberships:

Member, Sharon Safety Committee; president, Sheango Valley Industrial Association; member, Acadia fraternity.

Pennsylvania Politics:  

Notary Public, Farrell, Mercer County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1913-1917.

City Councilman, Sharon, Pennsylvania, six years. 

Mayor of Sharon, Pennsylvania, 1933-1939.   

Elected, Republican Pennsylvania State Senate, 50th District, Crawford and Mercer Counties,  1939-1946; committee assignments, Aeronautics, County Government, Federal relations, Forestry, Game and Fish, Highways, Law and Order, Mines and Mining (Chairman), Municipal Affairs.     

Chief clerk, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1953.


Enlisted, World War I, recommended First Lieutenant, 15th Engineers, later, reject for physical reasons. 


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