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Joseph Taylor 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1830-1831       2 Democrat
1831-1832       2 Democrat
1832-1833       2 Democrat
1833-1834       2 Democrat

COUNTIES: Philadelphia  


1792 - 03/03/1864

Colonel Joseph Taylor (D2) Philadelphia County 1830-1834 

Early Life:

Colonel Joseph Taylor, born 1792, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; colonel, 79th Pennsylvania Militia; elected, Democrats (Berrell), Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1829-1830; elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1830-1834; member, Philadelphia Common, Select Councils; treasurer, Philadelphia Baptist Association; president, Bible Union; first layman that ever presided over the Philadelphia Baptist Association; elected, moderator, Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1849; died, March 3, 1864 (aged 71–72), interment, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, Democrats (Berrell), Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 1829-1830. 

Party identification in the 1829 election was complicated by internal divisions among both the national and state Democrats and the rise of the Anti-Masonic movement. Jackson Democrats formed the largest group. Philadelphia City was dominated by candidates of the “Federal” ticket. Elsewhere, the remnants of the National Republicans won seats in Erie and Chester counties. The winners in Philadelphia County were divided between the so-called Berrell and Christine Democrats. There was support in Chester County for the “Barnard” ticket. Several anti-Masonic candidates were successful, often in alliance with other tickets. One Allegheny County representative was described as a Volunteer by the Reporter. Harrisburg Reporter, October 23, 1829.

Elected, Democrat, Pennsylvania State Senate, 2nd district, Philadelphia County, 1830-1834.

Continued Government Service/National Politics:

Elected, New Jersey State House of Representatives, 1842-1843; Speaker of New Jersey State House of Representatives, 1842-1843

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Biography:

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Grandnephew, Declaration of Independence signer George Taylor.


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