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George Robert Watkins 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1949-1950       9 Republican
1951-1952       9 Republican
1953-1954       9 Republican
1955-1956       9 Republican
1957-1958       9 Republican
1959       9 Republican
1960       9 Republican

COUNTIES: Delaware  


05/21/1902 - 08/07/1970

George Robert Watkins (R9) Delaware County 1949-1960

Early Life:

George Robert Watkins, born May 21, 1902, Hampton, Hampton City, Virginia; son of William Goodman and Dora Clarke Watkins; public schools of Hampton; engaged, trade of shipfitter, Newport News, Virginia; moved, Chester, Pennsylvania, 1920; organized the Chester Stevedoring Company, sold, 1931. partnered, founded, Blue Line Transfer Company, 1932; president, board chairman, Blue Line Transfer Company; elected, sheriff, Delaware County, 1945-1948; elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 1949-1960; commissioner, Delaware County 1960-1964; engaged, farming, breeder, thoroughbred horses, Delaware County; elected, Republican, United States, House of Representatives, Eighty-ninth, Ninetieth, Ninety-first Congresses, 1965, until his death, 1970; married, Hilda Jane Smerback Watkins, son, Robert Goodman Watkins; died, August 7, 1970 (age 68 years, 78 days), while in office, United States, House of Representatives, heart attack, speaking engagement, Penn Oaks Country Club, West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania; interment, Birmingham Hicksite Friends Burial Ground, Birmingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Politics:

Elected, sheriff, Delaware County, 1945-1948. 

Elected, Republican, Pennsylvania State Senate, 9th district, Delaware County, 1949-1960; succeeded by Clarence D. Bell.

Commissioner, Delaware County 1960-1964.

Continued Government Service/National Politics:

Elected, Republican, United States, House of Representatives, Eighty-ninth, Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district, 1965-1967.

Elected, Republican, United States, House of Representatives, Ninetieth, Ninety-first Congresses, Pennsylvania's 9th congressional district, 1967, until his death, 1970.

Served, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Eighty-ninth, Ninetieth, Congresses. 


Known to ship bootleg alcohol for the Delaware County Republican political boss, John J. McClure, during the roaring 1920’s. 

John James McClure, Pennsylvania State Senate, 9th district, Delaware County 1929-1936.

John James McClure  - Pennsylvania Senate Library (


US Representative


"I lived life as I saw fit.

I accepted others as they were."


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Congressional Biography

After 7 session(s) serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, George Robert Watkins  went on to serve in congress