Member Biography

Joseph J Yosko 

Sessions Office Position District Party
1949-1950       18 Democrat
1951-1952       18 Democrat
1953-1954       18 Democrat
1955-1956       18 Democrat
1957-1958       18 Democrat

COUNTIES: Northampton  


1903 - 1958

Joseph Yosko was born on November 1, 1903 in Jeansville, Luzerne County, the son of Mary and Michael Yosko.  His family moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Joe graduated from parochial school; served a four-year apprenticeship as a machinist at Bethlehem Steel; returned to school and graduated from Bethlehem High and Moravian College; and attended the Dickinson School of Law and National University Law School, where he received an L.L.B. degree.  He worked as a law clerk, Northampton County District Attorney’s office; member Homeowners Loan Corporation; Secretary to State Senator Warren R. Roberts; Hearing Examiner, State Dept. of Revenue (1934-1936); Administrative Director, Auditor General’s Dept. (1936-1940); Director of Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation, Bureau of Disbursements, State Treasury (1940-1944); Executive Director, Auditor General’s Office (1944-1948); State President, Young Democrats Club (1940-1942); State Chair, Democratic Registration Campaign Committee (1947); District Vice-Chair Democratic State Committee; Executive Director Democratic Society of Pennsylvania, and Democratic City Chair of Bethlehem.  He also served as Secretary of the Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers. He served two months under 10 years in the Senate of Pennsylvania.  He married Gertrude Reynolds.  Senator Yosko died on September 19, 1958.